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Rotational molding for

large or small plastic parts


Your best source to make your hollow plastic molded parts for less

with complete control over resins, foaming, tooling and design assistance!

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New to Rotomolding? 

Rotational molding, which is also commonly referred to as "rotomolding" or "rotational casting," is a manufacturing process to make plastic parts that are hollow, parts that are challenging or impossible to create via plastic injection molding, blow molding or thermoforming. It's perfect for hollow parts, partially enclosed parts, large and small parts and parts with other complexities.


Rotational molding machines create parts by rotating parts on a bi-axis, which forces the plastic material to stick to the walls of the mold which is why it's an ideal process for creating hollow parts.


The process uses resin powder, rather than plastic pellets. The resin then heats in the mold as it is being rotated. Unlike other plastic part producing processes, ASH™ Industries rotational molding can efficiently and affordably produce both short-run and long-run product runs.



Cost effective: Up front costs to create the mold are comparatively lower than other plastic production processes and tooling costs are also affordable. Molds are typically lightweight and no cooling is necessary.

Effective for short runs: You don't need to justify larger up front costs with longer part runs to get your money's worth.


No size limitations: Both large and small parts can be made. Multiple cavity molds can also be used in production runs. Containers and barrels are a common application of the process. To give you a better idea on the size range, consider that hollow barrels can be made ranging from 5 gallons to 22,000 gallons. That's a big part range.

Hollow part creation: Rotomolding is an ideal process for the creation of hollow materials, such as trash cans, construction barrels, storage tanks and containers, covers, housings, water softening tanks, battery cases and much more. But it can also be used to create parts that aren't as hollow, such as under the hood automotive parts, surf boards, pool tables, cribs and children toys.


Eco-friendly: The process is eco-friendly, as only the material that needs to be used is used. There's no wasted material in the process.


Quality finish: Rotational molding also requires minimal post production part finishing, which also helps separate it from competing plastic production processes

Design Considerations

Our ASH™ rotational molding offers almost endless potential as far as design capabilities are concerned. The process can maintain uniform wall thicknesses better than other plastic parts. Rotomolding also thrives at producing parts with double wall thicknesses and is ideal for molding thicker corners. 


The ASH™ Industries Process

Polyethylene is the most common plastic that is processed via rotomolding. However, the process has given way to several more materials recently. These include PVC, nylon, polypropylene and plastisols. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the process is one of the faster growing part production methods - so it's likely that engineers will incorporate more materials into the process as technology continues to advance.

The Rotational Molding Process at ASH ROTOMOLDING

Custom Thermoplastic parts in complex or simple configurations for medical applications

Silicone molding is available to produce flexible rubber parts that withstand harsh environments

We assist you with material selection based on your final use along with cost reduction suggestions

The ASH team will work to find the right combination of materials, part geometry, and quality testing to assure all components meet your exacting specs

Overmolding electronic parts help shield them from harsh environments and provides better life of the product

Partner with ASH Industries whose greatest advances have been in medical device molding forged from the most advanced materials

ASH specializes in medical devices and aeropsace Thermoplastic and Thermoset Silicone parts

We build your component with Design for Manufacturing and Assembly AND Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

 Molded clear parts are defect free, functional and beautiful for medical and transportation industries

The Rotational Molding Process at ASH ROTOMOLDING

Control of the resin is the first step - In house Pulverizing assures consistent grain size and color- Plus we can create resin formulas with UV, water protection or more!

Loading the molds - each arm can hold various molds for different jobs. 

The large 3 million BTU oven travels toward the arm enclosing it while it rotates.

Foaming increases strength or creates water proofing

Foaming is done in house

Tooling is inexpensive since it is a low pressure process, all built in house.

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